In order to satisfy the requirements for reliability and meet the cost-effectiveness, Team Group Inc. launches 3D TLC NAND Flash, which have the same level of P/E Cycle as MLC. While taking into account high-speed transmission and stability, it still has excellent durability and can avoid the disadvantage of high cost of MLC. In combination with high P/E cycles, excellent performance and durability, these SSDs are quite suitable for industrial and enterprise applications.
Due to the upper limit of the density of traditional 2D NAND flash, flash manufacturers have turned to use the 3D TLC method to break through the upper limit of density. It is generally believed that this manufacturing method will make the durability and performance of the hard disk inferior to the past. However, with the change of technology and the evolution of manufacturing process, the new-generation flash memory can have high performance and durability while having high capacity.
Team Group Inc.’s products use high-quality 3D NAND from the original factory with built-in multiple hard disk management technologies, including SLC Cache, Garbage Collection (GC), Trim, etc., which can improve the efficiency of random reading and writing, prolong product life, and meet the needs of AIoT applications.

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