Power loss Protection (PLP) is an indispensable function for industrial use. Industrial environments often face unstable power supply conditions. Abnormal startup or power failure may cause system crashes, data loss, data damage, and equipment damage, and so on. Team Group Inc.'s products are equipped with PLP technology, which can effectively protect SSD and ensure data security, and improve stability and durability.
PLP technology can maintain the voltage when the host suddenly loses power. By prolonging the interval between the momentary power failure and entrance of the SSD into the writing protection mode, PLP can allow more data temporarily stored in the DRAM cache to be written into the Flash in order to ensure integrity of data transmission. By increasing the number of capacitors, PLP can extend the time for data to complete transmission. When the power is turned on again, the capacitor will play a role of a storage battery to charge through the computer. If the power supply is interrupted unexpectedly, these charged capacitors will continue to supply power to the SSD, so that the data can be completely written.

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