TCG Opal is an Opal standard formulated by the American TCG (Trusted Computing Group) Association, which is a set of security specifications for hardware-based encryption applied to storage devices. The data can be stored encrypted and managed in layers to avoid data from being stolen and tampered with, and to achieve the purpose of ensuring data security.
TCG Opal is one of the grading levels of storage device security management standards. It is used to enhance data confidentiality. Information can be automatically and quickly encrypted/decrypted and managed hierarchically in the device. All encryption and decryption behaviors are performed inside the device without going through the Host end (operating system), so it does not occupy host resources, and meanwhile avoids the compatibility issues that might arise with the operating system. Team Group Inc. launches products in compliance with TCG Opal 2.0 specifications, which can ensure information and data security and are widely applicable to various industrial applications.

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