With the evolution of the manufacturing process, 3D NAND flash can stack up to 112 layers of storage particles. The high stacking number can bring better storage space and transmission efficiency, and has a competitive advantage in cost. Team Group Inc. introduces it into a full series of Flash products, which can provide more diversified solutions for industrial applications.
Team Group Inc. adopts the brand-new 112-layer 3D TLC and the latest fifth-generation BiCS NAND flash memory, which increases the memory capacity by nearly 40% compared to BiCS4, and improves the I/O performance by about 50%, fully meeting the transmission needs for high-capacity and low-latency of edge computing. In order to fully meet a wide range of industrial application fields, Team Group Inc. provides a variety of mainstream specifications such as SATA and PCIe interface Gen3x4, etc. as well as a variety of capacity options, and offers the best professional support for various applications in the industry.

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