Warranty Policy

Warranty Policy

I. Duration of Warranty
Duration** Product categories Series
Three-Year (3-yr) Warranty* 3D TLC Products SSD: 3D TLC series
S52X / S53X / S54X / N52X / N43X/ N54X / S74X / S75X/P84X
Card: SD/microSD D5XX series
MLC Products Card: SD/microSD D7XX series
Five-Year (5-yr) Warranty* SLC Products Card:
SD/microSD D900 series
CF P9X / F9X series
Lifetime Warranty* All DRAM products All DRAM Products Series
*The above exemption fees are limited to defects or abnormalities caused by non-human factors.
TEAM SSD provides limited warranty or TBW warranty base on which occurs first. Any improper action that causes the flash to exceed the lifespan limitation will not be warranted. (When the flash exceed the maximum erase count, Erase Count MLC:3,000 times, SLC: 60,000 times, High Endurance 3D TLC(10K): 10,000 times, Industrial 3D TLC: 3,000 times ) The erase count judge standard is to use TEAMGROUP official released SMART tool*.

See the example below
***Average erase count: Average TLC Erase Count = 0026; the maximum erase count is 26 times.

SMART tool screen example for reference

**To identify manufacture date from PN and SN label:
The first to 4th digits in the serial number indicate the year and month (week) of production, for example:
SD Card -"2021" means 2020 and 21 weeks.
MICRO SD Card-"2022" means 2020 and 22 weeks.
CF Card - "S/N: 141222001P00001" indicates Year 2014 and December.
M.2 SSD - "S/N: 200817024S0009" indicates Year 2020 and August.
2.5”SSD - "S/N: 200817024S0004" indicates Year 2020 and August.

See the example below

SD Card

8da364f1d3b690ceb4922cb78794373c-20210721120537 (1)

CF Card


2.5” SSD
II. DOA Policy

All TEAMGROUP manufactured industrial products are under DOA “defect on arrival” policy within 45 days from the invoice date. This does not apply to any products that have been repaired, misused, or any other improper actions that lead to malfunction on the customer site. TEAMGROUP will provide a replacement product to customer in a timely manner after TEAMGROUP Inc. receives the defective sample. Products that have been in use beyond the DOA period will only be repaired under the terms of the TEAMGROUP warranty statement.

III. Product Change Notice (PCN) / Product End Of Life (EOL)

TEAMGROUP will provide 3 months’ notice before the last day a product can be ordered. Modifications a product may be subject to include replacement of essential component(s), product enhancement, etc. Customers can continue to place orders for these products after receiving the PCN or EOL. TEAMGROUP does not accept orders received after the PCN or EOL effective date.


TEAMGROUP is obligated to provide warranty service, but the related cost of replacing material and components will be charged if the Duration and Warranty Terms does not apply. Please refer to TEAMGROUP for further details regarding these charges.

In-warranty service: If the product was serviced or replaced within the original warranty period, TEAMGROUP will issue service free of charge, or you will receive a replacement of your original product.
Out-of-warranty service: If the product was serviced out of the original warranty period, you will be charged a fee, and the serviced device will have an additional half year warranty.
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